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Concept Development

We study your concept, analyse it thoroughly, check its feasibility, and do what’s necessary to develop it for you.

Firmware Development

We write firmware for embedded controllers and processors. We write application logic code and device driver development as well.

Algorithm Development

Algorithm development services are offered in domains such as signal Processing, Image Processing, Audio processing, and wireless networks. Our solutions include system modelling, algorithm simulations & fine tuning, system analysis, data processing and field data analysis.

IoT Development

We integrate Iot stacks and protocols into embedded devices and make any embedded device to communicate with cloud. We work on BLE, Thread and Zigbee stacks.

Machine Learning

We can adopt a suitable learning algorithm for your application. We have previous experience in developing custom kernel for SVM and Naive bayes classifier.

Problem Solving

We analyse the problem mathematically and logically; and solve the problem using an engineering approach.